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View from the Mount: ‘The Doctrine of the Heart’ – October 15, 2023

Our theme will be: ‘The Doctrine of the Heart’’. 

One of the challenges of treading the spiritual Path is how best to embrace and be guided by a chosen doctrine without inadvertently becoming indoctrinated in the process.

We are being invited to walk that upper Middle Path where we are supported by the Wisdom of the Ages and yet, in the end, must be self-reliant and stand solely in the strength of our own sovereignty. As the Buddha declared in his Last Sermon, “…Those who, either now or after I am dead, shall be a lamp unto themselves, relying upon themselves only and not relying upon any external help, but holding fast to the truth as their lamp, and seeking their salvation in the truth alone, shall not look for assistance to any one besides themselves, it is they who shall reach the very topmost height…”

We begin our inquiry by exploring what it means to follow a practice and a program of inner development without becoming ‘programmed’ by any set of beliefs that we may adopt before taking time to better understand the opportunities and implications of a powerful path and process that has been called the ‘doctrine of the Heart’..

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 49:56 Minutes

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