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View from the Mount: ‘The Lightness of Joy in Dark Places’ – June 18, 2023

Our theme will be: ‘The Lightness of Joy in Dark Places’’. 

Joy is a special wisdom that illumines and warms our heart and sheds a welcome light on the Path ahead as we traverse the dark places of Earth as part of our journey through the inner and outer terrain of incarnated life.

Many people are asking themselves, “How can I be truly joyful while surrounded by so much suffering?” Understanding and resolving the conundrum of pain and joy co-existing inside the same temporal arc is the urgent task facing us if we are to remain positive and undeterred by the implosions and perturbations of a society in upheaval.

We will explore the nature of joy and its potent gift of fiery hope and the assurance of a heart-lighted future while navigating the present dark period that we face together as a human family.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 50:11 Minutes

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