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A Synthesis of Nations: The deep work of ‘peace-ing’ things together – March 6, 2022

The “View from the Mount” theme is: The A Synthesis of Nations – The deep work of ‘peace-ing’ things together.

Dr. Roberto Assagioli, the inspiration and guiding light behind Meditation Mount and other centers of Creative Meditation around the world, was the founder of a spiritual psychology known as Psychosynthesis. He held the vision of a harmonious world resulting from a synthesis of all the nations. Each nation, like each human being, has a Soul and a personality.

The deep reason for embarking on a process of developing and refining the earthly vehicle we call the ‘personality’ is so that it can become a clear instrument of expression for the gifts of the Soul. We are at peace when our lives become immersed in a deeper dimension of meaning and belonging as we move from self-centeredness to serving the Common Good.

On many occasions, we are aware of falling short of our intended goal of soul-inspired living. In these instances, our behavior may be conditioned by the pain and distortion of past patterns which can interfere with us expressing the higher aspects of Self which characterize our Divine Nature. This is the struggle we are witnessing in society today – both among people and among nations.

We will explore what it takes to walk the path of synthesis and examine the psycho-energetic make-up of selected nations to better understand their soul qualities and gifts as well as the darker default patterns of the non-integrated personality that appear to be causing so much disturbance and disharmony inside the collective field of humanity at this time.

Duration: 65 Minutes

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