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A Time of Resurrection

Here in the northern hemisphere, April heralds the advent of spring and opens the door for renewal as we witness the emergence of new life from out of the darkness of winter. Buds swell on trees and tender shoots push their way into the light of day as the Fire of Aries impregnates and re-awakens the dormant life of a prior season.

It is a fertile and fecund period in which the promise and possibilities held within the seed are revealed. Aries welcomes and ushers in new beginnings and affirms that resurrection follows death: just as surely as day follows night.

In these uncertain times of dissolution and upheaval, it is good to remind each other that Life is Eternal, while its forms of expression are temporal. Ceaseless cycles of death and re-birth carry the irrefrangible human spirit forward on a wave of continuous renewal. Before each new wave breaks on the shore of human civilization, great confusion and chaos ensue as time-honored social and philosophical models that may be out of integrity and violating the natural order, crumble and are replaced by norms and forms that better serve the well-being of all Life on our beloved planet.

As one epoch dies, another one arises and, passing through the necessary painful passage of labor, makes its appearance as the latest incarnation and expression of the timeless Soul of Humanity.

“In the continuous Pageant of Life through the cyclical procession of the seasons, the Angel of Death always precedes the Spirit of Regeneration so that Truth, Goodness, and Beauty may be born anew and radiantly revealed at every turn of the spiral. Appearance, Disappearance, and Re-Appearance – thus flows the dance in the endless process of Emergence.”

To be honest, in our heart of hearts we’ve always sensed it would be a race against time – a gnawing knowing that the waves of change set in motion by our polarizing beliefs and behaviors would eventually reach the shores of daily life and cause massive disruption. That time is now upon us and many are wondering if it is too late to stem the tide and ward off the inevitable results of collective choices made over recent decades.

As we have often stated, the death and dissolution of outworn forms, together with the ensuing temporary chaos, is a prelude to new beginnings. This process of breaking down and composting is a completely natural and healthy state of affairs that fashions the right conditions for the eventual emergence of new and more refined forms through which Life can express Itself more fully. Dissolution releases the elements back into a primordial soup of matter until they are called forth to ‘upcycle’ and reconfigure at a higher order in response to the magnetic beckoning of the note of a deeper dimension of purpose. Periods of natural chaos are thus necessary phases in the rhythmical progression of life.

However, there is a sinister and unnatural aspect to the chaos being unleashed upon society. This chaos is being generated by both the willful and deliberate destruction of beneficial forms that still serve the needs of humanity as well as the creation of systems and processes designed to fuel the greed of an elite few. There are highly self-centered forces thwarting the progress of Life on Earth in opposition to the Divine Plan and the thrust of evolution on its upward spiral path. These organized retrogressive forces are enlisting a cadre of misguided souls who conspire to dominate and contrive to control the human spirit to ultimately keep humanity captive inside the illusory walls of fear, ignorance, separation and hatred.

What we are witnessing today is a mixture of both types of chaos – the natural dissolution of that which has served its purpose and run its course, together with the cynical dismantling of the benevolent forms that humanity has so diligently constructed out of the goodness of its heart.

However, if it is our collective task to give birth to the light of a new day and to shape a more soul-inspired society then we cannot succumb to bullying or permit the note of our soul to be drowned out by the shrill dictatorial voice of hatred and separation. For Light to be born inside the human heart we must open ourselves to compassion while cultivating love and respect for each other and for all sentienty beings. A society designed to work for all can only be birthed by those who live an ethical, wise and kind-hearted life.

The good news is that magnetic seed-thoughts crafted by our highest aspirations and deepest longings – containing the promise of a more just and joyful future – have already entered the heart of humanity. We are pregnant with new possibilities and stand expectant and filled with hope. We are being called to act as skillful midwives of this pending spiritual birth and to assist in the safe delivery of our own inner child.

Hopeful expectancy generates a dynamic state of joy that moves us forward with surety and steadfastness because we know deep down in our bones the burgeoning of our inner essential nature is inevitable and guaranteed. This is the affirmation of fiery hope proclaimed by the Principle of Essential Divinity.

So, what exactly is being born? It is said that the consummation of the marriage of Spirit and Matter (the holy communion between Heaven and Earth) is a child called ‘consciousness’. Just as the electric light is produced by the creative tension generated between positive and negative poles, so human consciousness is sparked in a similar dynamic manner.

The ‘light supernal’ liberated through the creative tension between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine principles inside the sacred container of the human experience, has been called Christic Light or Christ Consciousness – the true Sun (or Son) of Creation.

Incidentally, this nomenclature precedes Christianity by millennia and is therefore not the property of any one religion or philosophy. ‘Christ Consciousness’ is the radiant Light of the Human Soul that has finally blossomed and been revealed after countless seasons and cycles of growth inside the Garden of Gaia.

It is reassuring to know that the pattern and promise of this ultimate flowering is already contained as a blueprint and potential within the seed of identity safeguarded in the cave of our heart. The birth of Christ Consciousness inside a critical mass of human hearts will create the right spiritual atmosphere out of which the Presence of an even greater Light and Love will appear. This is the sublime event many traditions around the world await and refer to as the Coming One. It constitutes the great birth for which the incarnated soul has tirelessly labored on Earth throughout the ages.

Collectively, we are deep inside a major identity crisis as we find ourselves in a world that appears to be falling apart. I believe we have two tasks to perform: relieving the pain and suffering induced by a collapsing society while simultaneously dreaming the dream and then doing whatever it takes to birth this bright new future together.

New forms, to be truly new, must be born out of ‘new thinking’ so that the new is not simply a presentation of the old that has been repaired, re-painted and re-polished. New wine needs new bottles. We need a new mythos: a new creation story to inspire and guide us through the labor pains of this moment in history. The work of Meditation Mount is to participate in the crafting of the new story and the birthing of a civilization based on the qualities of the Soul.

This new collective narrative is shaped using the tools of Creative Meditation: such as Imagination, Affirmation, Receptive and Reflective meditation, Concentration and Telepathic Radiation or Blessing. The solid foundation upon which our preferred future will stand, are the three spiritual Principles of Essential Divinity – affirming that a spark of the Fire of the Creator lives inside us and consequently, we are each sacred fractals of the One Life; Goodwill – acknowledging the innate goodness of the soul with its natural urge to love and serve and Unanimity – declaring our interdependency and participation as integral aspects of the seamless Web of Life.

What could make a real difference and help turn things around? At Meditation Mount we firmly believe there is a tipping point that occurs when we shift our focus from investing energy solely in the survival of the separated self and make the needed re-investment of life-energy in serving and supporting the Common Good.

It is time for a much-needed resurrection – a rising up of our human Spirit from out of the imprisoning tomb of material attachment. A time to liberate ourselves from the shackles of dominance and dependency so that the limitless Love of the Soul may flow freely through and from us as a real and potent force for renewal in the world.

Let us rise up together.

Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation Mount

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