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A Time to Shine (Part Two)

Last month we began an exploration into the sensed inner call for closer cooperation between the various life-streams (or realms and kingdoms) that comprise the multidimensional Life of our Planet. We focused on a new level of collaboration required between the Fourth Kingdom (Humanity) and the Fifth Kingdom (the Realm of Souls) to spark and manifest a vision of a world living in right relationship.

What if we were to view the emerging global coalition of individuals and groups, whose hearts have been opened to this call to build a new world, as creative partners with the post-graduate humans who make up the Realm of Souls (aka Wise Elders) in the outworking of a fiery Purpose burning deep within the core of the Creator.

Seen in this new light, each of our group endeavors constitute interdependent points of expression and diverse aspects of a grand strategy to materialize the beauty of a Divine Dream. This Divine Dream will be achieved through a concerted celebration of the splendid diversity of our many cultural colors and traditions: requiring the active participation of every living soul in cooperation with the Subtle Worlds.

Just as the carrot seed contains the pattern and promise of the crunchy carrot so the vision alive in the heart of the Planetary Logos contains the pattern and promise of a tangible “heaven on earth”. This inner design of a preferred future is the spiritual architecture we refer to as the Divine Plan. Right now, it is being livestreamed to us from the heart of the Realm of Souls into the ethers of our collective human consciousness in order to ignite and mobilize us to inspired action.

The promise within any seed can only be shown by being sown and grown and, likewise, the Dream of the Logos depends on the creative imagination and daily labor of humanity to give it shape and substance. It has been said that we are the ‘hands and feet’ of the Realm of Souls here on Earth.

Perhaps the joyful inner call we are sensing is the registering of an inspiration to create a masterpiece that is not confined to canvas or marble but encompasses and utilizes the entire world. The building of a New Civilization infused with the qualities of the Soul is an artwork of the highest order. The full flowering of this daring vision may take several hundreds or even thousands of years to accomplish but the time to diligently sow the seeds and lovingly prepare the soil is now.

Creating the right psychological soil conditions within the human family to receive these fiery Seeds of New Possibilities requires the practice of a spiritual horticulture that neutralizes the acidity of criticism and hatred and adds the beneficial nutrients and enriching elements of joy, compassion, respect and goodwill.

Through this pragmatic and spiritual approach, we are helping to lay the foundations of the desired new world and deliver on the Divine Promise. We are being invited to become ‘co-creative partners in the Plan’.

The Ageless Wisdom teachings offer us a valuable roadmap and set of navigational instruments for our collective journey into deeper levels of consciousness and self-awareness. Like each one of us, the sacred eco-system we call Planet Earth is also evolving and seeking deeper dimensions of alignment and integration in order to fulfill the light-filled promise of Its destiny within the greater Solar Family. Evolving lives within evolving lives within evolving lives.

The Tibetan teacher, Master DK, explains that three things are required of us to create the right psycho-spiritual soil conditions in which the solar seed containing this luminous planetary promise can germinate and flourish. They are: accepting the reality of the Soul, recognizing the Realm of Souls and realizing there is a Divine Plan.

We know from the Ageless Wisdom teaching that a major task for those who feel called to serve this Plan is to help prepare the way for the externalization and reappearance of the Presence of a Greater Love on Earth. In other words, the work of creating a bridge of resonance that facilitates direct communion and cooperation between humanity and the Realm of Souls as well as establishing a fecund field for the emergence of that ‘Christ consciousness’ abiding in each human heart.

It might be helpful to point out that in the ancient archives, before Christianity came to be, the term, ‘Christ’ was a title attributed to the purified or Initiated One. Just as the title of Buddha was given to Siddhartha Gautama as a title of attainment indicating His ability to access buddhic consciousness, so the title of Christ indicates the attainment of a high degree of initiation, which makes possible a love so inclusive that it encompasses all souls and all life on our planet. This is why the Christ is referred to in the Ageless Wisdom as the Teacher of Love and Unity and the pulsating, reverberating, planetary point of Love Divine.

Using a gardening analogy, we could simply say that ‘Christ consciousness’ describes that luminous and self-realized state of being which fully expresses the culminating and resplendent glory that is the flowering of the human spirit in the fields of time and space. Christ consciousness is the radiant revelation of the promise of Essential Divinity hidden inside each human heart.

One way to assist in the ‘externalization’ of this Presence of a Greater Love is to approach the task as a daily process of ‘internalization’. By contacting and embodying the qualities and characteristics of the Soul, the essential nature of the Fifth kingdom eventually becomes an ‘internalized’ reality within the collective consciousness of humanity and begins to show up in how we behave and comport ourselves.

The soul qualities referred to include those of loving kindness, courage and joyful striving. Once a certain degree of embodiment and Soul-personality integration and alignment has been reached then the group field becomes a magnetic point of precipitation for a preferred Future into the Present moment. A heart that is open and moved by the spirit of ‘caring and sharing’ is always the most sensitive instrument for receiving, registering, and responding to the signals of new possibilities that are continuously transmitted by the Soul to every one of us in our designated role as its incarnated agent on Earth.

“Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger? Know that you yourself are essential to this World.” – Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Sioux Nation

With all that is roiling and rumbling in the ethers, the presence of heart-lighted souls who can lead the way by example is needed more than ever before. The urgency of the times demands that now is the appointed season for us to flower – bringing a much-needed light into a world wrapped in the darkness of fear, ignorance and separation. Quite simply, it is time for all of us to ‘rise and shine’.

Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation Mount

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