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An Appeal from the Heart of Meditation Mount

Dear Friend of Meditation Mount, We wish to share our immediate financial challenge with you as well as the excitement we feel about the promise of Meditation Mount in the years to come. Meditation Mount is a Center of Planetary Service – a place of peaceful inspiration – where you are welcomed to engage and develop a deeper relationship with your Essential Self. It is a sacred space for appreciating the beauty and coherence of all life and a broadcasting station for transmitting the power of group meditation into the world as a blessing.

We invite you to dream, to imagine and to articulate with us, the design of a new world founded upon spiritual principles and values through the practical application of creative meditation in daily living. The Mount stands as a refuge for the regeneration of the spirit and a beacon of fiery hope in a world yearning for a more light-filled and compassionate approach to building community. As we come to terms with the trauma of natural disasters and social upheavals, Meditation Mount provides a safe space for inner healing and a refined environment in which something new and brighter can be birthed in our personal lives, in our communities and in the heart of humanity. Our work as citizens of planet Earth is to generate loving kindness that will alleviate the suffering triggered during this time of discontinuity while also sowing the sparkling seeds which will carry us forward into a preferred future. All of our programs and offerings encourage and support the Renaissance of the Soul so that humanity will emerge into a New Era of Light. As a Beacon of that Light, the Mount is here to serve the promise of the future in the present.

Our Renewal Almost three years have passed since the Thomas Fire scorched the Mount. Though physically and financially affected by this event, we have emulated the rising of the Phoenix – focusing on renewal rather than restoration. The Mount is even more beautiful, more energetically clear and more powerful! We are proud to once again welcome guests into our Sanctuary. Click here to schedule a visitation. Our online presence has been expanded to include streaming the following monthly events each month: – Full Moon Meditations beginning in April View from the Mount presentations beginning in June – Spanish presentations beginning in August

Each of these online sessions was recorded and is available for viewing and listening at

Intention to Thrive Going forward, our intention is not to simply survive but rather to thrive as we fulfill the Mount’s Mission. We need to attain financial stability so that we may continue serving our local and global communities beyond January 1st, 2021 – the time when our current funds are projected to be depleted. In light of this current challenge, we appeal to you for your generous and immediate support. Will you stand with us in achieving our goal of raising $40,000 a month or $500,000 annually? This is our present financial reality. We need to make it through this particular passage so that the future of Meditation Mount is assured. There is so much more waiting to emerge that will grow the Mount’s capacity to be of even greater service in this time of global transition. Therefore, we graciously welcome your participation in securing the future of the Mount’s work in the world. For those who have provided financial support in the past, we express our deep gratitude. Our hope is that each of you will be called to give. Thank you for your generosity. The currency of goodness is our common wealth.

Click here to donate: You also have the option of mailing a check to the address below.

Please share this with family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Your active engagement in the life of Meditation Mount is essential and deeply appreciated. We welcome your visit to the Mount and your participation in our worldwide online meditations and webinars.

Thank You! With much joy and gratitude, The Mount Stewardship Team

Meditation Mount PO Box 566 Ojai, CA 93024 (805) 646-5508

The Boulder of “Spiritual Approach

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