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Approaching the New Year with Joyful Resolve

It is tradition and common practice for people to make New Year’s resolutions in the hope of causing lasting and positive change by bringing ideals and aspirations into sharper focus as a new lived reality. Unfortunately, many of these well-intended resolutions evaporate and don’t make it past January because they lack the necessary power of directed will and inner persistence.

January is not only the start of the year, as measured by the Gregorian Calendar, it also marks an astrological window when the constellation of Capricorn exerts its subtle influence on the human psyche. Capricorn follows the Solstice and is the perfect time in which to craft light-filled seeds of a new cycle and bury them deep in the dark of this natural pregnant pause to await a quickening touch from the approaching Equinox.

Why is the Earth sign of Capricorn such an auspicious time for initiating a new season of soul unfoldment? The answer lies in the symbol, the two-horned goat, and its task of climbing the rock-strewn and arid mountain to reach the summit where ‘the four winds of heaven blow’. On completion of this ‘peak experience’, the goat is transformed into the Unicorn and its single spiral horn connects with the Cosmos and the power and presence of a greater Light flows into and through the intrepid climber.

Sunset at Meditation Mount

The two-horned goat becomes the one-horned Unicorn upon the summit and this momentous achievement is referred to in The Bible (Matthew 6:22): “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

This is the true ascent of the human – the treading of the steep and thorny path of earthly trials and tests and the eventual overcoming of these difficulties in order to earn a degree and graduate from the ‘school of hard knocks’. This accurately describes the alchemical journey and pedagogical approach used inside the Earth classroom to transmute the lead of pain and suffering into the golden fruits of joy and wisdom.

We could say that the work of all who wish to serve the needed Renaissance of the Soul at this critical time is to carry the heavenly light of new possibilities down from the mountaintop and into the valley of daily life – illuminating the dark sphere of ignorance and hopelessness in which so many are wandering aimlessly. A vision of this brighter future (generated by a blended heart-mind) needs to be a high-resolution image that can pierce the darkness and clearly impress its promise on the collective consciousness.

We have chosen our New Year resolution for Meditation Mount. It is our resolve to have this year be one of radical regeneration on Earth. The best response to a world falling apart and old systems breaking down is to initiate a new season of growth. The Spirit of Regeneration guarantees that Life will always renew and reveal Itself aeon after aeon. Please join us in this heart-lighted group endeavor to call forth the presence and power of Renewal from inside the Soul of Humanity. May this resolution be passed unanimously and manifested through all that we think, say and do together in 2022.

In the Light of the One Soul,

Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation mount

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