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As we know, the opposites of Leo and Aquarius are associated with our basic identity as an individual in Leo, and as part of a greater community in Aquarius. It is through the interplay between these two identities that we evolve from self-centered and selfish to group-centered and altruistic.

This process takes place through the gradual surrender of the personality's desires to the ever more insistent presence of the Soul. 

Leo and Aquarius are not really opposites but exist in a 
continuum from selfishness to altruism. The truth is that all 
"opposites" are in reality on a scale from one extreme to its apparent opposite extreme, yet they coexist within a greater whole that encompasses both. Extreme positions are illusions. Our brain mind separates the elements of these extreme positions into opposing parts. When we are aligned with the spiritual presence of Soul, we gain an intuitive vision of the unity and synthesis of all life, while clearly seeing the illusion of separation.


Aquarius is of paramount importance at this time. Humanity is just completing the "Age of Pisces" and we are now entering into the ''Age of Aquarius". The cusp period of transiting from one sign to the next is about 250 years. Most astrologers place the beginning of the Age of Aquarius cusp to be in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, which means that we are now approaching 150 years into the cusp or half way through. According to esoteric teaching, cusp periods are expected to be times of great strife and conflict. As we know, change is difficult for humankind. Letting go of Piscean mental and emotional patterns and beliefs challenges us. It means giving up our seemingly safe points of reference without knowing what our new spiritual and personal identity will be.


The hallmark of Aquarius and the incoming Aquarian Age is the advancement of humanitarian values. What are these humanitarian values? They are the altruistic principles that exist at the heart of every human being. The word humanitarian is derived from the essence of what it is to be human. It is the promise to be the best we can be and acting from the "angels of our better nature". Humanitarians are motivated to live and communicate the ideals of goodwill, harmlessness, compassion and love for all beings.


Aquarius is an air sign. This suggests, that in the New Age, communication will take place in the ethers and through telepathic rapport. Cyberspace, an Aquarian Age phenomenon, is a material world manifestation of telepathic rapport with our thoughts, video, music and pictures flying through space at the speed of light. During the next 2000 years, humans will develop more sensitivity to finer and finer vibrations. We will have less need for iPhones and internet devices because our mental bodies will be the instruments.


Both the heart and mind will become more conscious receivers and transmitters of vibrations that create and sustain group life. The manifest goal of the coming age will be Service to the whole of humanity and service to the living beings which inhabit our planet. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, humanity must create a peaceful world in which we honor and serve the balance of our natural environment and the ecosystems in which we live.

In her book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey wrote: 
"The growth of telepathic rapport will bring in an era of universality and synthesis, with its qualities of recognized relationships and responsiveness. This will be, outstandingly, the glory of the Aquarian Age."


The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer. The Water Bearer is pictured holding a large urn from which he is pouring freely its water onto both the land and the sea.


The Key Word for Aquarius is "Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men (and women)."


Astrological Readings by Ron Thurlow, Ph.D., Esoteric Astrologer 
Astrological Sign Paintings by Sandy Thurlow 

Upcoming Full Moon Meditations



Aries is the initiator of every cycle of manifestation. The Aries personality may be reckless and impulsive. When aligned with soul intent, Aries moves the creative impulse to toward a new goal. 



Taurus provides us with the desire and drive to push ahead against all obstacles. When that desire is transformed into aspiration the goal becomes illumination. 



Gemini brings to our awareness the duality of all manifested life. We come to know ourselves as dual beings - mental and emotional, higher mind and lower mind, and finally soul and personality.



In Cancer our awareness is centered on the form side of life. It is the Mother aspect, the womb of time and the identification of self with mass consciousness. The Cancer form receives and holds Father-spirit.



Leo marks the birth of self-consciousness. Leo identity resides first with the self-centered ego and then later becomes self-consciousness centered in the soul. 



Virgo is the sign of the virgin mother. She holds the hidden Christ in her womb. The Virgo personality can be critical, but as she evolves she assumes responsibility for nurturing the divine life within.



Libra is the balance point in the zodiac. It is the decision point that we face each moment when we choose to think and act selfishly or to direct our path toward selfless, spiritual service.



Scorpio is the sign of the triumphant disciple. As a personality, Scorpio can deliver a harmful scorpion sting. However, once on the spiritual path, trials and struggles no longer slow the disciple's progress.



Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker. In Sagittarius, we evolve from associating ourselves with the material side of life to identifying with our spiritual goals. The archer hits his mark and moves to the next goal.



Capricorn is the sign of the initiate. It is the symbol of the goat climbing up the mountain. As a personality, Capricorn can be willful and selfishly driven, but when motivated by spiritual will the mountain top becomes attainable.



Pisces is the sign of the world savior. As Aries is the beginning of everything, Pisces is the end of all cycles. The Pisces personality tends to be fluid and emotional. With evolution Pisces brings clear vision, insight and a fine intuitive sensitivity.


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