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Celebration of Source Recording – January 15, 2023

On Sunday, January 15th, Meditation Mount offered an online broadcast, Celebration of Source:  A time for heartfelt healing and gratitude to the Earth with the Brothers Koren, Michael Lindfield and Lyndsay Pennington.  This music and meditation program took the place of our previously scheduled fundraising event, which had to be postponed due to the unprecedented storms in Ojai.  

Please enjoy this recording, which offers a time to give gratitude for the gifts of rain, provide solace and healing to those adversely affected by the storms, and to establish right and harmonious relationship with the elements of Earth and the living ecosystem of Gaia.

The recent storms in Ojai revealed an urgent need for repairs to our roof at Meditation Mount.

Our heart is with all those in our community who suffered damage and loss due to the flooding, mud and landslides.

Should you wish to donate to this fund, please visit: DONATE NOW

Duration: 1:04:38 Minutes

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