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Solstice Celebration Meditation – December 20, 2020

This year’s Solstice marks a special opportunity for humanity to make a major shift in consciousness as the Portal to a New Era opens – one characterized by the Feminine Principle.

We will celebrate this new cycle by exploring the astrological significance and implications of the Solstice coinciding with an important conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, learning what may be in store for us in 2021 and then concluding with a ritual lighting of the Fourth Advent Candle.

Please join with us in welcoming and invoking the birth of the Inner Light dwelling within each human heart that constitutes our true nature – our Essential Divinity.

~ In the Light of the One Soul ~

Meditation Mount Board Members: Michael Lindfield, Diana Lang, and Halina Bak-Hughes

Duration: 44:58 Minutes

Halina Bak-Hughes’ TRANSCRIPT

**We had some technical difficulties for audio when Halina was presenting, below if the transcript of what we shared.**

SUNDAY 12-20-2020 Meditation Mount 4th Candle Lighting of Advent
Download PDF • 402KB

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