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Spirit of Peace Celebration Recording – September 19, 2021

Meditation Mount invites you to celebrate the Spirit of Peace and the planting of a new Peace Pole.

We have the great pleasure of inviting you to a special event at Meditation Mount that was held on Sunday, September 19th.

The occasion was the planting of a new Peace Pole to replace the two destroyed by the Thomas Fire and a ceremony with the flags of all nations of the world in our International Garden of Peace. In these times of divisiveness and separation, there is an urgent need to acknowledge and work toward the healing and synthesis of nations – recognizing the unique gift the over-lighting soul of each nation brings to our common humanity.

Fumi Stewart, (Executive Director of May Peace Prevail on Earth International lead us in this global ritual and Mandy Kahn, (peace poet and writer-in-residence at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles) helped us ‘Presence Peace’ and have it come alive in our hearts. Michael Lindfield, (Board President, Meditation Mount) spoke to the deeper dimensions of peace. Dot Maver, (Founder of the National Peace Academy and co-founder of Global Silent Minute) joined us online, and through the resonant bridge created when hearts are connected across-distance, we sounded the deep note of peace that reverberates when the bell of the one human heart is rung.

We linked up with other centers and peace groups around the world through the power of group meditation and live streaming technology so that the planting of the Peace Pole at Meditation Mount allowed our planetary community to enter a shared sacred space in which to call in, receive and anchor the blessings of the Spirit of Peace.

Your presence and participation will greatly add to the richness of the day.

Duration: 1:34:51 Minutes

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