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COVID-19 Update

Dear Friend,

We thank you for continuing to connect with us during these uncertain times. As you know, for the past two years, Meditation Mount remained closed while we focused our energies on recovery and renewal following the Thomas Fire. In December we were delighted to invite guests to register for guided tours. The response was much greater than what we had hoped for as over 1,000 of you did so. During February more than a dozen tours were launched. The encouraging and positive responses from the attendees have been most heartening.

Tim Hall leading a tour through the International Garden of Peace.

Then the COVID-19 virus began its journey around the planet and finally arrived in the United States.  Last week, like many other similar centers, we chose to limit public access and cancelled all events and activities into the foreseeable future. We want to limit the spread and risks of COVID-19 to you and our staff keeping everyone as healthy as possible. Sadly, this also means that scheduling any further tours or visitations will be delayed.

Reflecting on the Path ahead…

In the meantime, Meditation Mount will continue to stay connected and wants to be of service to you during these challenging times. We are focusing on bringing you programs, events, and online content. As these efforts take shape we’ll keep you informed along the way. If you have experience in online development, creation of digital content and production, as well as willingness to volunteer your time and skills, we welcome you to share your interest with us by writing to

The impact of the COVID-19 virus has once again brought our income stream from events and activities to a halt at a time when the possibility of closing due to insufficient cash flow was already on the horizon. Funded primarily by donations, Meditation Mount welcomes your financial support during these challenging times. We encourage you to visit to make a contribution. Thank you. Your continued engagement and support for Meditation Mount is deeply appreciated.

With Blessings, Brian Ziegler Executive Director

Peace on the horizon…

New potential emerging…

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