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Playing our Part in Gaia’s Destiny – September 20, 2020

Our individual lives are intimately bound up with the over-lighting purpose of the Soul of Humanity as it plays an active and integral part in helping fulfill the destiny of Gaia.

Before the wave of any new spiritual impulse breaks on the shore of human consciousness, there will be great confusion and chaos as time-honored social and philosophical models that which no longer serve begin to crumble and lose their integrity. The new seed-impulse, like a giant tuning fork, sounds its note – registering inside awakening hearts and minds and inviting a resonant response.

Utilizing the energies of Virgo, we will explore the nature of this planetary impulse seeking birth during this time of global upheaval and dissolution of the old order. One question for us to address is: “How do we effectively participate in this planetary shift in ways which will bring greater meaning into our lives?”

Looking forward to your presence on Sunday. Namaskar.

Duration: 46:51 Minutes

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