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Signs of Hope: Featuring Rev. Deborah Moldow and Ben Bowler – February 21, 2021

We are delighted to offer this series of monthly conversations with pioneers serving the Common Good and actively sowing seeds of a better world at every opportunity.

We find ourselves in a period of transition between two Ages when old structures and beliefs are dying and new ones are emerging. Sometimes it is difficult to see the hope-filled shoots of new possibilities amid the disarray of a society in upheaval.

The intent behind this new series is more than just naming projects around the planet that are giving birth to hope – its deeper purpose is to create a portal through which the presence of Fiery Hope can enter and ignite the heart of our humanity. It is an invitation for us to act as true Gaians and be active agents of Hope wherever and whenever we find ourselves – encouraging us to step up and offer our unique gifts in response to the call of the Soul and the need of the times.

Our guests for the February 21st Signs of Hope broadcast are Rev. Deborah Moldow (Founder – Garden of Light) and Ben Bowler (Founder – Unity Earth). Michael Lindfield will host the session on behalf of Meditation Mount.

Duration: 61 Minutes

Rev. Deborah Moldow

Founder – Garden of Light

Reverend Deborah Moldow has made a colorful life journey from child actress to Broadway singer to Interfaith Minister to global peace worker – and now, as Director of the Source of Synergy Foundation’s Evolutionary Leaders Circle, she is honored to support the movement of awakening consciousness. She served for more than 20 years as the Representative to the United Nations of May Peace Prevail on Earth International, with a special focus on the U.N. International Day of Peace, and has traveled the globe to conduct Peace Pole dedications and World Peace Flag Ceremonies sending peace to every nation.

Ben Bowler

Founder – Unity.Earth

Ben Bowler is the Executive Director of UNITY EARTH, a global network building a worldwide movement for unity and peace. In 2006 he and his wife Jildou moved to Thailand to volunteer along the Thai-Burma border. In 2008 they founded Blood Foundation together, a NGO focusing on education projects. In 2008 Ben founded Monk for a Month in Chiang Mai offering men and women the opportunity to experience Thai temple life and temporary ordination.

Michael Lindfield

Board President – Meditation Groups Inc.

Michael is a highly regarded consultant and coach helping unleash the creativity of the human spirit to meet the needs of our times and the call of the future. He learned his craft from a range of experiences that include: a 14-year residency as a gardener and as Director of Education at the Findhorn Community in Scotland; small-scale organic farming in western Sweden; conducting seminars and presenting at conferences around the world on the theme of ‘transforming self and society’ and as a senior organization development consultant with The Boeing Company from 1989-2005.

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