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Staying Clean in Toxic Times: A Primer on Spiritual Hygiene – November 7, 2021

The “View from the Mount” theme is: Staying Clean in Toxic Times – A Primer on Spiritual Hygiene

As world leaders gather in Glasgow, Scotland for COP26 to address the pending climate disaster with its dire consequences for all life on Earth, we will gather online to explore the subtle dimensions of creating and maintaining a healthy and toxin-free environment within our own Universe of Self.

Our brief journey will cover techniques for staying clean, insights into what will help create a healthy psychological climate and some simple tips on spiritual first-aid. Together, we will assume responsibility for the needed planetary clean-up because there is a source of pollution and ecological damage very close to home. Each derogatory thought or negative emotion we generate is a poisonous release into the ethers and causes the same destructive effect to the human psyche as harmful chemicals have upon the physical world. This inner acid rain-cloud is a powerful corrosive force eating away at the social and moral fabric of our world.

A true and lasting positive change starts from the deep places within our souls and moves out like rays of the sun to warm and illumine the cold dark places of our collective psyche. Being practiced in the basics of spiritual hygiene is a necessity in these times.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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