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Tension in the Field: Utilizing the Creative Power of Polarity – October 2, 2022

The “View from the Mount” theme is: Tension in the Field – Utilizing the Creative Power of Polarity

It feels appropriate to explore this topic while we find ourselves inside the influence of the energies beaming from the Constellation Libra. The spiritual motto for this zodiacal sign is, “I choose the path that leads between the two great lines of force”.

These “two great lines of force” occur naturally and create a tension in the field. At its highest expression, the tension is the taut bow of the archer that can dispatch the arrow of aspiration into the future with swiftness and accuracy. At its lowest manifestation, this tension is experienced as a polarized state of consciousness that can easily hold us captive and stymie the creative spirit.

Our world is full of tension right now – tension at the personal, national and collective levels – that offers us opportunities to learn the art of utilizing this dynamic state as a chosen and creative act of renewal.

Our task is to liberate ourselves as ‘prisoners of polarity’ and to master the skill of harnessing and employing the polar tension in a constructive manner that serves the highest good of all.

We invite your presence and participation as we ‘inquire the way together’.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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