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The Call of Freedom – April 3, 2022

The “View from the Mount” theme is: The Call of Freedom

Why are freedom and the right to self-determination such vital factors in the successful evolution of human consciousness? Why is the call of freedom resounding so strongly within human hearts all across the world during these turbulent times of transition?

We will explore the deeper dimensions underlying the importance of freedom of choice and the power of free will from a spiritual, psychological and social perspective to help make better sense of what is taking place. Without the freedom to choose our own personal path through life we cannot learn the needed lessons of ‘wielding power and assuming responsibility for our actions’ through the classroom of a lived daily experience. Freedom and the sovereignty of Self are inalienable rights that help lead us steadfastly onward upon the way of self-realization.

We welcome your presence and participation as we strive to understand and wisely utilize the potent gift of freedom and the focused force of free will in loving service to our world.

Duration: 51:26 Minutes

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