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The Fires of Renewal

“Love is a spirit all compact of fire” ~ William Shakespeare

The inspiration and spiritual fire behind the founding of Meditation Mount was Dr Roberto Assagioli who brought Psychosynthesis and Creative Meditation to the world. During the Second World War Roberto was imprisoned by the fascist government in Italy for organizing groups whose focus was to pray for peace. His enforced incarceration became a powerful time of deep inner exploration and it is when the seeds of the new psychology of synthesis were nurtured. Roberto Assagioli was a colleague of Carl Jung and studied and expanded on his thinking. One of Jung’s insights gave Roberto much strength in accepting the reality he was facing as a prisoner. The words that gave comfort and understanding back in that troubled era of the 1940s can also provide us with much needed wisdom and solace as we navigate through the churning and uncertainty of the present global turbulence:

“Out of evil much good has come to me. By keeping quiet, expecting nothing, remaining attentive and by accepting reality, taking things as they are and not as I want these to be, by doing all this, rare knowledge has come to me and rare powers as well as I could never imagined before. I used to think that when we accept things they overpower us in one way or another. Now this is not true, it is only by accepting them that one can learn the right attitude toward them. So, now I intend playing the game of life, being receptive to whatever comes to me – good or bad, sun and shadow that are forever shifting and, in this way, also accepting my own nature with positive and negative sides. Thus everyone comes more alive to me. What a fool I was! How I tried to force everything to go according to my ideas.”

At Meditation Mount we are accepting that fire has destroyed a residence, compromised our ability to function out of some other buildings and ravaged the gardens – thus placing a temporary halt on our operations. By accepting this as the new reality, we open ourselves to all manner of creative possibilities where the future is a promise that portends to be more glorious than the past.

When something this dramatic happens in the life of an individual or a group, nothing is ever the same again. There is the initial shock of the event itself and then the emotional after-shocks that create a visceral knowing that all earthly forms are temporal and the only true security is built upon the firm foundation of a living relationship with our inner nature – our Essential Divinity.

Whereas in the past we associated baptism into a new cycle of life with the element of water, now the world faces a Baptism of Fire. Water washes and cleanses our consciousness but it is only fire that truly transfigures. In the Ageless Wisdom teaching we are told that transformation is the shift from one state of consciousness to another and higher state ‘through the agency of fire’. There is also a Biblical reference that declares, ‘Our God is a consuming fire’ and in esoteric parlance we are told that, ‘fire is that which burns all that is not of itself.’

Humanity stands knocking on the door of a better future but entry through the beckoning portal is refused by a Dweller on the Threshold. This obdurate doorkeeper represents the sum-total of all the unredeemed, unaccepted and unloved parts of our own creation for which we have yet to assume full responsibility. Access is being denied because, collectively, we have yet to find the magic key that will unlock the gates of the desired new world. The hidden key is to be found in the redeeming Fire of Love that lives and burns and is safeguarded deep within the heart of each person.

Life is a burning ground where the Presence of Love is eventually revealed and realized after the dross has been sufficiently burned and the shadow side of our nature courageously faced. To safely invoke and house the fire we must first build a suitable fireplace and the most apposite hearth is an open and loving heart.

The Light that is seeking to be born on Earth is the Incandescent Fire of Love – that divine conflagration we call Christ Consciousness.

The Tibetan Master DK offers a spiritual perspective of what is currently occurring in the world. He states that for the first time in history, humanity is facing a collective test – a group initiation – that will show us that “man cannot live by bread alone.” We are being given an opportunity to break free of the controlling forces of materialism so that we may begin living in a more soul-directed manner in service of all Life. According to the spiritual motto associated with the first initiation of humanity, it can only be achieved, and we can only pass through the portal into a more expanded consciousness of loving awareness, when: “Christ is born in the cave of the human heart.”

May the following words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ignite hope in our hearts and provide a glimpse of the real power that unlocks the door to this new life:

“Someday, after we have mastered the winds and the waves and the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of Love. And then, for the second time in the history of the world, humankind will have discovered fire.”

We hold the vision in our hearts that Meditation Mount, like the Phoenix, will rise from the ashes to become an even brighter Beacon of Light, Love and Fiery Hope in a darkening world. Donate

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