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The Flowering of the Soul – September 4, 2022

The “View from the Mount” theme is: The Flowering of the Soul

The evolution of soul consciousness has been likened to the sequential opening of the many petals of a radiant flower. In eastern philosophy, the lotus is utilized while in the western spiritual lineage, it is the rose that depicts the promise and potential of our essential nature. We will continue our exploration – begun last month with a focus on the theme, The Call of the Soul – and seek to deepen our understanding of what it takes for the Soul to successfully flower in the present challenging conditions within the Earth Garden.

For each Soul that opens and radiates its blessings, a much-needed shower of Light is released into the psychic atmosphere that greatly aids in the dispelling of the dark cloud of ignorance and separation presently casting ominous shadows.

We welcome your presence and participation as we ‘inquire the way together’ as soul gardeners.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 51:13 Minutes

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