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The Power of Generosity: Welcoming the Spirit of Regeneration – February 6, 2022

The “View from the Mount” theme is: The Power of Generosity: Welcoming the Spirit of Regeneration.

Generosity encourages a free-flowing circulation of energy throughout a living system that blesses and nourishes all of its parts. When we realize that by serving the whole, the whole naturally serves all within its embrace, then we can give birth to a healthier society. Generosity pours forth from a loving heart and connects us to All that Is. The root of generosity is Love and Love forms a connective tissue ensuring the coherence and well-being of any community of lives.

Generosity takes many forms. It can be the practice of loving kindness which opens up a portal through which the presence of a greater Love may flow into our daily life. Meditation Mount seeks to operate through a spirit of generosity in all walks of our group life. We welcome your active involvement in this great adventure.

We look forward to your presence and participation as we strive to bring our lives into greater resonance with the qualities of our souls. Thank you.

Duration: 39:14 Minutes

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