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The Resilient Heart: Standing Steady in Times of Turmoil – September 12, 2021

The “View from the Mount” theme is: The Resilient Heart – Standing Steady in Times of Turmoil.

In our heart of hearts, we’ve always sensed it would be a race against time – a gnawing knowing that the powerful waves of change set in motion by our polarized beliefs and behaviors would eventually reach the shores of daily life and cause massive disruption. That time is now upon us and many are wondering if it is too late to stem the tide and ward off the inevitable results of collective choices made over many decades. The big question is whether we have the necessary will and skill to arrest or slow down the rate of free-fall and counter the self-centered life-style fueling the breakdown? We may not be able to mend the broken weather patterns but we do have it in our power to mend the fractured body of our human family – one broken relationship at a time. We look forward to your presence and participation as we learn to bring wholeness and hope to a world in tumult and transition. Thank you.

Duration: 43:42 Minutes

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