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The Spirit of Regeneration

For over 50 years Meditation Mount has promoted and practiced the science of Creative Meditation which applies the maxim: “Energy follows thought” in service to our world. Creative Meditation is how we imagine, fashion and precipitate our collective dreams, ideals and ideas into the concrete reality of daily living. If we truly wish to create a brighter and better future, then new and inspired thought-forms need to be shaped and to be sown as magnetic seeds into the soil of the human psyche.

Accompanying this work of focused and intentional group creativity, we have also been tasked with presenting and living the six Principles and Pathways which form the foundation upon which a preferred future will be built. This is the core of Meditation Mount’s work.

Reflecting on the state of the world at the beginning of the year, it became evident our society had reached a crisis point and that we were in for a very rocky ride. People are crying out for ways to make sense of what is happening and seeking spiritual practices that can help turn things around in a positive direction. In response to this perceived need, we chose to frame and highlight the two themes of Hope and Healing.

Healing is necessary to rebuild the fractured body of humanity – dismembered by divisiveness. Healing our societal wounds creates a new level of integration and wholeness – preparing the psychic soil to receive the fiery seeds of hope containing the encoded promise of a brighter future.

View From Meditation Mount

The twin pillars of Hope and Healing have been reflected in all our online offerings in 2021. The monthly Signs of Hope interviews with spiritual activists and pioneers serving the Common Good reveal the hope-filled shoots of new possibilities that are often difficult to see amid the disarray of a society in upheaval.

Our View from the Mount broadcasts address the art of standing steady and centered amid the turbulence of the times as Compassionate Warriors and provide insights and support on how best to liberate ourselves from the imprisoning hold of emotional and mental dependency. Monthly broadcasts in Spanish and the continuing rhythm and ritual of full moon meditations round out our online contributions.

The focus on hope and healing throughout the year has prepared the ground for 2022 when Regeneration will be our main theme. The Spirit of Regeneration is the irrepressible power of Life revealing and renewing itself season after season, aeon after aeon. We sense it knocking on the door of Humanity and demanding entry so it may unleash the power of the human spirit as a positive force for Good.

In support of this vital theme, we will offer a 6-week online workshop in the Spring and again in the Fall on ‘Soul Gardening’ in which participants will develop the skills necessary for growing a new world from the inside out.

We are offering self-guided visitation experiences during which time visitors are able to access the peace, beauty and refined energies of the Mount in order to deepen their relationship with Self while reflecting on the Mystery of Life.

The Portal at Meditation Mount

Visiting the Mount strengthens inner roots so one may better weather the storms which are raging all around us. It is also a place of refuge, not to hide away, but rather to drink deeply from the spiritual well. In addition to these self-guided visits, we offer yoga classes and Sound Immersions and Meditations.

Meditation Mount has hosted and been blessed by several magical music events. In October we launched the Muses on the Mount series with the intention of welcoming and calling in a much-needed Renaissance of the Soul through the Arts. The Greek culture recognized the source of artistic inspiration as the Muses and acknowledged that these angelic presences brought the sounds of the Cosmos within the range of human hearing. The Music of the Spheres is the heavenly score we are invited to play, sing, dance and recite on Earth so that something more beautiful and uplifting will fill our hearts and shape our lives. More details on the series and our latest event is below.

A community of like-hearted souls is gathering in various places around the world to begin the needed work of planetary regeneration with Meditation Mount being one such magnetic point of assembly. We invite your wholehearted participation in whatever way calls to you – whether it is volunteering or becoming a sustaining financial supporter or signing up for workshops and concerts.

We encourage you to pass on the gifts bestowed from your connection with Meditation Mount to all whom you meet through warm smiles and acts of love and kindness. As we do so each day, the darkness of fear and suspicion will be dispelled, revealing the light of love that lives in the heart of our humanity.

In the Light of the One Soul,

Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation mount

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