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View from the Mount: ‘Abundance and the Never-ending Search for Gold’ - JULY 16, 2023

Our theme was: ‘Abundance and the Never-ending Search for Gold’.

The word ‘abundance’ typically conjures up an image of a vast cornucopia of riches – a basket of plenty overflowing with all that we desire in life. However, we are not speaking here of a surfeit of material possessions but, instead, of the eternal search for the golden riches of a soul-inspired life. Why though, is this treasure always hidden from view and how do we go about discovering its elusive whereabouts?

Perhaps the gold we seek may already be within us and not an earthly metal but a higher state of consciousness revealing a deep loving wisdom that the scriptures refer to as ‘Solomon’s Gold’. The Wisdom of Solomon represents the true spiritual gold standard by which we measure our real wealth. Perhaps, we’ve been looking in the wrong places for our legendary Eldorado.

Drawing upon the Ageless Wisdom teaching, mythology, and spiritual psychology, we will explore the ‘rags to riches’ journey of the Soul on Earth in its quest to find the hidden treasure of enlightenment.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 50:11 Minutes

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