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View from the Mount: ‘Becoming a Spiritual First Responder’- February 19, 2023

Our theme will be: ‘Becoming a Spiritual First Responder’. 

Whenever natural disasters strike and human tragedies occur, there are teams of first responders providing aid and comfort. As well as skilled hands who can tackle wildfires, rescue people from collapsed buildings and tend to the wounded at the scene of an accident, there is a real need for those who are equipped to offer spiritual first aid.

We will explore the various ways by which it is possible to relieve suffering and aid in the liberation of the human spirit from the prison of earthly attachment. We are living in times of great transition and turmoil as old models of thinking and behaving are found wanting and begin to break apart. In addition to mobilizing our resources to address this breakdown, a spiritual aid worker responds to the urgent call of the Soul to generate a new narrative and construct a more just and joyful society that reflects the innate goodness and potential of the human spirit.

At Meditation Mount, we are committed to building new and more soul-inspired forms of collective living upon the solid foundation of spiritual principles and values of caring and sharing. Times of emergency, no matter how painful, can also be times of emergence for the new shoots of new of a preferred future.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 1:01:29 Minutes

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