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Rooted in Light: Standing as the Compassionate Warrior – May 9, 2021

The “View from the Mount” theme is: Rooted in Light – Standing as the Compassionate Warrior.

We are still within the influence of the Earth sign of Taurus that helps anchor the light of the heavens in the substance of Earth. This is perfect timing for us to deeply understand the needed role of the compassionate warrior who creates the right conditions in which this sacred act of communion may take place.

How can we best stand as an aligned and living link that allows the seed of spirit to flower in the soil of daily life?

What are the spiritual requirements for standing as the compassionate warrior during these times of upheaval and transition when something more just and joyful is seeking birth within the heart of our common humanity? These are some of the questions we will explore and hold in our group heart during our time together.

We look forward to your presence and participation as we learn the art of sowing, safeguarding and sustaining the promise of a preferred future. Thank you.

Duration: 51:51 Minutes

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